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What we recycle and offer

Scrap wastes and revert materials are valuable resources of modern economy, which could be lost during improper recycling.

We process special steels and alloys scrap into products and bring them back to the production cycle.

Not quite sure about chemical composition of your materials and possible recycling options?
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High Speed Steel (HSS)

Minor and Refractory Metals

High quality raw materials are the basics of our customers’ products value.

All supplied items undergo strict quality control on every step of recycling and processing.

It’s 100% ensured that supplied materials are clearly sorted by grade, cut into required dimensions,  free from contamination and ready for use at steelworks, foundries, meltshops and powder metallurgical plants.

We deliver custom made solutions for your business.

Minor & Specialty Metals

Superalloys | Ni- and Co-based Alloys

Tungsten Intermediates


High Speed Steel & Tool Steel

Stainless Steel Scrap