Our Company

Who We Are

Fenimor Corporation, headquartered in Singapore, is an international supplier of alloyed steel scrap, special purpose steel scrap and scrap of superalloys.

In 2012 we have united wide range of geographical partners, which have been successfully operating on scrap metal market by that time. As a result, a solid company with widespread supply chain, expanding private warehousing network, lean business processes and strong global business contacts was established. As a consequence, we have become a safe and reliable supplier for our customers.

Strict Quality Control

We meet the strictest quality requirements due to precise inspection and sorting of material.


Comply with any logistics & shipping demands — required destinations, packing, guaranteed delivery time.


Quick feedback – you get our commercial offer within 2 hours after inquiry.

Our motto — strong observation and following international business ethics. Primarily, it is subject to contract execution. Business commitment is our keystone. We are interested in sustainable partnership with our customers worldwide.

Fenimor Coproration — reliability and confidence in scrap metal supply.