Our Business & Services

Fenimor Corporation, headquartered in Singapore, is an international supplier of alloyed steel scrap, special purpose steel scrap and scrap of superalloys.

In 2012 we have united wide range of geographical partners, which have been successfully operating on scrap metal market by that time. As a result, a solid company with widespread supply chain, expanding private warehousing network, lean business processes and strong global business contacts was established.

As a consequence, we have become a safe and reliable supplier for our customers.


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Test and Analysis

The chemical composition and quality of all incoming materials are tested by our facility workers (by Niton analyzers) and certified laboratory (Thermofisher Spectormeter).

We offer precise analysis of solid scraps, turnings, grinding sludges and powders.

We precisely determine chemical composition and alloy grade, impurities, oil & moisture content (in soft scraps).


Payment Terms & Financing

We offer flexible payment conditions for the suppliers, starting from 50% and up to 100%.

Logistics & Transportation

Depending on location of suppliers and customers, we provide flexible logistical solutions – by truck, container, railways, multimodal.

Our goal is to provide mutually effective and convenient logistical solution.


Metal Processing

Provide wide range of processing:

– Sorting according to steel / alloy grade
– Cutting of solid materials into required dimensions
– Separation of oil and moisture from soft scraps/sludges (our own patented technology)
– Melting into blocks / ingots
– Hydrometallurgical processing
– Vacuum preparation of superalloy scrap and revert.
– Ferroalloys production
– Toll production


Finished Products

Delivery to producers
We deliver ready-to-use products

– Solids and turnings of Stainless / HSS / Tool steel / Ni- and Co-based alloys / Superalloys / Minor and refractory metals
– Blends of HSS / Tool steels / Stainless steels / Ni based alloys
– Intermediate products (Sodium Tungstate, Scheelite)
– Ferroalloys (Ferrotungsten)
– Forging ingots, casting bars/billets, certified ingots for remelting (toll production)

Our Products - What We Recycle

Scrap wastes and revert materials are valuable resources of modern economy, which could be lost during improper recycling.

We process special steels and alloys scrap into products and bring them back to the production cycle.

Not quite sure about chemical composition of your materials and possible recycling options?
Send us a sample, we would kindly assist you and find mutually beneficial solution.





Get our trade specialist to call you.

Our Products - What We Offer

High quality raw materials are the basics of our customers’ products value.

All supplied items undergo strict quality control on every step of recycling and processing.

It’s 100% ensured that supplied materials are clearly sorted by grade, cut into required dimensions,  free from contamination and ready for use at steelworks, foundries, meltshops and powder metallurgical plants.

We deliver custom made solutions for your business.

Minor & Specialty Metals

Superalloys | Ni- and Co-based Alloys

Tungsten Intermediates

Why Companies Choose Fenimor / Working with Fenimor

Strict Quality Control

We meet the strictest quality requirements due to precise inspection and sorting of material.



Comply with any logistics & shipping demands — required destinations, packing, guaranteed delivery time.



Quick feedback – you get our commercial offer within 2 hours after inquiry.


Latest News

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In January 2015, the representatives of our company have visited several biggest Chinese factories of stainless steel products. read more

Successful Application of ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Fenimor Corporation Pte.Ltd. has an ISO 9001:2008 certification. ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems. read more

New Office in Europe

We are glad to announce that on October 2015 new office of Fenimor will be opened in Duisburg area... read more

AQSIQ Certification from the People’s Republic of China

Fenimor Corporation has been certified under the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic... read more